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Tucson Celtic


Welcome to the                         Tucson Celtic Hammerheads!


Who are the Hammerheads?

The Tucson Celtic Hammerheads is a group of people who practice the athletic art of
Heavy Athletics.


Started in 2006 by Doug Mostyn, who desperately needed a hobby and friends, it grew to be a team of people, young and old, many who started out of curiousity and were quickly hooked on the sport and have become great friends. Some will say, "I didn't really intend to compete in the Highland Games" or something similar. But you can find them at all of the competitions in Arizona, California, New Mexico and even Scotland! 


In general, because it is an individual sport, people who compete in heavy athletic events are on their own.

They have to come up with their own equipment and places to throw and often practice by themselves.


The Tucson Celtic Hammerheads not only practice together and share their equipment, but the more seasoned throwers are happy to tutor the new athletes. Take a tour through our pages and see how much fun we have! Our camaraderie is priceless!

Besides all of that.....we get to wear a KILT!

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